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What's Wrong with Children's RightsWhat's Wrong with Children's Rights
by Martin Guggenheim
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Wall Street JournalBUENOS AIRES—A federal investigation into the personal business activities of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner has sparked a fierce dispute between the judiciary and government, which on Thursday called for the judge heading the probe to be ... more »
Dallas Morning NewsIdeally, these officers could come back to the same job as part-time or contract employees. Otherwise, I would think a smart temporary agency would sign these retired ... Their challenge is to begin correcting such errors of construction as this issue ... more »
Kevin F TrainorAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Insurance Litigation, Industrial Development Law
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'Capacity' means ability to comprehend the nature and consequences of the act of executing and granting, revoking, amending or modifying a power of attorney, any provision in a power of attorney, or the authority of any person to act as agent under a power of attorney. … Full Definition »
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