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Revolving account
These are accounts that require you to pay a minimum payment each month along with the finance charges/interest that has accumulated from one billing cycle to the next. With a revolving account the terms are open or there is no exact fixed date for you to pay off your account. The entire balance, assuming you don't pay it off in full, revolves from one … Full Definition »

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View (blog)... Georgia, and North Carolina. Each is also led by a crusading housewife, and their websites use many of the same terms (toll-tax, crony capitalism), arguments (abridging state sovereignty, most of the funding is from taxpayers, etc.) and materials ... more »
Next City“Under this Congress in particular, the federal government has practically withdrawn as a real partner in transit development.” To subsequently ... Governor Glendening acknowledges, “This is a legitimate concern, and I recommend that an office of ... more »
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