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separation agreement
a written agreement between a husband and wife whereby they agree to live separate and apart from each other. A separation agreement may also: Settle the property rights of the parties; Provide for child support; Provide for the allocation of custodial responsibility and the determination of decision-making responsibility for the children of the … Full Definition »
Law topic: Divorce & Separation << Legal issue: Family Law
spousal support
Spousal support can be defined as the payment for support of an ex-spouse (or a spouse while a divorce is pending) ordered by the court. spousal support is more commonly called alimony. Spousal support is calculated based on the length of the marriage, both parties' income, standard of living, etc. … Full Definition »
Law topic: Divorce & Separation << Legal issue: Family Law
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the act of forgiving one's spouse who has committed an act of wrongdoing that would constitute a ground for divorce. Condonation generally is proven by living and cohabiting with the spouse after learning that the wrongdoing was committed. It often is used as a defense to a divorce. … Full Definition »
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