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Alimony means an order for payment for the support and maintenance of a spouse or former spouse, periodically or in a lump sum, for a specified or for an indefinite term, ordered in an action for divorce, whether absolute or from bed and board, or in an action for alimony without divorce. Failure to pay ordered alimony can result in contempt of court … Full Definition »
Gabriel A AssaadAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Family Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property, Animal Law
Robert A MullinsAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Contracts, Business Law, Environmental Law, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Animal Law
Patrick M WhiteheadAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Tax Law, Wills & Probate, Business Law, Trusts & Estate Planning, Litigation, Animal Law
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