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The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) considers an alien an individual who does not have U.S. citizenship and is not a U.S. national. Legal alien – a person that was granted permanent residence in the USA. See: Permanent Resident Alien Illegal alien, or illegal immigrant - is an individual who is not a citizen of the USA and does not owe … Full Definition »

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The GuardianGeorge Osborne is planning to make it easier to impose jail terms or heavy fines on British residents using offshore tax havens to cheat the exchequer out of billions in revenue. The chancellor, who is in Washington at the International Monetary Fund's ... more »
Motley FoolThe deadline for setting up a retirement plan and putting money into it for a specific tax year is not the same for all plans. Although some common plans must be funded by April 15, other plans allow you a bit more time. Make sure you know the deadline ... more »
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