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claim in bankruptcy

A claim in bankruptcy is document filed with the Court so as to register a claim against the assets of the bankruptcy estate. The claim sets out the amount that is owed to the creditor as of the date of the bankruptcy filing and, if relevant, any priority status. in the United States, the document is properly termed a Proof of Claim. Upon receipt of a claim, the Trustee in bankruptcy must notify the claimant (or creditor) whether the estate will object to the claim or whether it will, as is the default case, allow the claim
If a claim is objected to, the bankruptcy court may set a hearing and, if necessary, conduct a trial, in order to resolve the dispute.
Claims are paid out first to administrative creditors, then to priority unsecured creditors according to their statutory priority, and finally to the non-priority unsecured creditors, with all claims paid pro rata with other members of the class.
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