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Estate" means a trust estate, a decedent's estate, a guardianship or conservatorship estate, or other property that is the subject of a donative transfer.
Source: California Probate Code. website
"Estate" for the purpose of estate planning may mean:

(a) The interest which a person has in property;
(b) The aggregate of property which a person owns.

After the death of an individual, an estate is opened by any interested person filing an application to administer the estate.

An individual’s property and assets-including real estate, bank accounts, stocks, investment accounts and personal property such as automobiles and jewelry. Normally limited to assets solely in the name of a decedent at the time of death.
“Estate” means the property of a decedent that is the subject of administration. (PART II, Sec. 731.110)
Source: FLorida Probate Code. website
"Estate" denotes the real and personal property of a decedent, both as such property originally existed and as from time to time changed in form by sale, reinvestment, or otherwise, and as augmented by any accretions and additions thereto (including any property to be distributed to the representative of the decedent by the trustee of a trust which terminates upon the decedent ’s death) and substitutions therefor, and as diminished by any decreases therein and distributions therefrom. (CHAPTER I, Sec. 3.)
Source: Texas Probate Code. website
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