Legal definition of tenancy at sufferance
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tenancy at sufferance

when a tenant holds over at the end of his lease and a landlord has not evicted a tenant yet, a tenancy at sufferance is created.
It may be terminated by a written notice from the landlord. For example, tenancy at sufferance may be terminated by a written notice of not less than thirty days given on behalf of the landlord, to the tenant, requiring him to remove from the premises; This notice must be served, either by delivering to the tenant or to a person of suitable age and discretion, residing upon the premises, or if neither the tenant nor such a person can be found, by affixing it upon a conspicuous part of the premises, where it may be conveniently read. At the expiration of thirty days after the service of such notice, the landlord may re-enter, maintain an action to recover possession, remove the tenant, without further or other notice to quit.
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