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-an administrative procedure of permanent exclusion of a person from the USA against that person's will. If you have been deported, you can not re-enter the United States for at least five years. The country reserves the right to deport a person that committed serious crime, overstay their visa, or obtained visa unlawfully. Usually, the person is deported … Full Definition »

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ForbesThis varies wildly from region to region: though there are notable exceptions of countries where police have a good grasp of how the cyberworld and cybercrime works, globally there's still a great deal of work to be done to train up police forces ... more »
FederalNewsRadio.comThat authority was not given by the 1996 Clinger-Cohen Act, which made CIOs the primary advisors to agency heads on IT architectures and investments. But it left primary budget authority with chief financial officers, consistent with Title 35 of ... more »