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This term is used when someone / something has another name, catchphrase, nicknames Example: peer to peer lending, aka social lending, aka p2p lending … Full Definition »

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Craig H KaufmanAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Real Estate Law, Criminal Defense, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Litigation
Adam E ToremAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Military Law & Military Benefits
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CNET"We continue to work closely with the CCI and remain confident that we comply fully with India's competition laws. Regulators and courts ... of the issues raised in this report." It comes at a time when the European Union is deliberating its antitrust... more »
The DiplomatAs my colleague Shannon Tiezzi noted some weeks ago, the White House and the Department of Defense have been at odds over how best to respond to China's irredentism and land reclamation activities: the Pentagon favors emphasizing freedom of ... U.S ... more »