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This term is used when someone / something has another name, catchphrase, nicknames Example: peer to peer lending, aka social lending, aka p2p lending … Full Definition »

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Thomas F ChanskyAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Professional Malpractice, Insurance Litigation, Litigation
William B WhitefordAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Litigation
Andrew H AgatstonAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Constitutional Law & Civil Rights, Litigation
John B HarkavyAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Professional Malpractice, Business Law, Labor & Employment Law, Litigation
Wall Street JournalApple says its investigation indicated certain celebrity online photo accounts were hacked in a targeted attack, and it hasn't found a breach in its iCloud or "Find my iPhone" systems. The incident comes just a week before Apple is set to unveil its ... more »
Staunton News LeaderPyles requested an attorney general review on the state law that allows surveyors for utility companies to enter private land without consent. “Unfortunately, many of the people elected to serve us are instead choosing to serve themselves,” he said in ... more »