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An employee of an insurance company or an adjustment firm employed by an insurance company to investigate and assess the damage to property. Among adjusters duties are: to investigate, analyze, and determine the extent of insurance company's liability concerning personal, casualty, or property loss or damages, and attempt to effect settlement with … Full Definition »

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Ralph T LeporeAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Intellectual Property, Aviation
Mary R HughesAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Business Law, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Aviation
Mark G WorischeckAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Consumer Protection, Insurance Litigation, Litigation, Aviation
Joseph A GarnettAttorney at LawPRACTICE AREA: Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Business Law, Aviation
Orlando SentinelThe new boutique is modeled after an artist's workshop and will carry Yurman's collections, including gold and sterling silver jewelry designs for women and men, Cable Kids, timepieces and the Wedding Collection. Blowouts in, music lessons out. Glam ... more »
Lancaster NewspapersState police in Potter County are looking in Lancaster County for a man involved in a murder early Easter morning in the Coudersport area. The man may have come to Lancaster County, because he has family in the Elizabethtown area, according to a "be on ... more »