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a lesser crime punishable by a fine and/or county jail time for up to one year. In contrast to felonies, which can be punished by a state prison term for more than 1 year. Misdemeanors are tried in municipal court, police or justice courts. Typical misdemeanors include: petty theft, disturbing the peace, simple assault and battery, drunk driving … Full Definition »

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Advocate.comSenate Bill 2 is discriminatory and rooted in animus - it must not become law.” β€œIt is shameful that this bill has passed our legislature,” added Luke Largess, of Charlotte-based Tin Fulton Walker & Owen, and lead counsel in General Synod of the UCC v. more »
Packet OnlineThomas J. Curran, 56, will be subject to parole supervision for life and must register as a Megan's Law sex offender, said Mercer County Superior Court Judge Robert C. Billmeier, sitting in Trenton. He also is not allowed to contact the victim or his ... more »