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general power of appointment
“General power of appointment” means a power of appointment exercisable in favor of the holder of the power, the power holder’s creditors, the power holder’s estate, or the creditors of the power holder’s estate. (PART I, Sec. 736.0103) … Full Definition »

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Bradenton HeraldIn his order to dismiss, the judge agreed with the district's lawyer, writing that the statements in the current version of the lawsuit do not fall out of the "orbit." ... His one-year contract with the district was not renewed and he is no longer ... more »
Delaware Law WeeklyAccording to the panel, "Appeals from the bankruptcy court must be brought 'in the time provided by Rule 8002 of the bankruptcy rules.' 28 U.S.C. Section 158(c)(2). Rule 8002 gives persons aggrieved by a bankruptcy order 14 days to file a notice of ... more »