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alter ego

under this legal doctrine a corporation uses its corporate status to shield someone’s personal business deals. Normally, a corporation is treated as an entity separate from its creators and the shareholders are not personally liable for corporate obligations. But in some rare instances, a court will “pierce the corporate veil” and hold a shareholder liable for the debts of a corporation
Before a court will hold a shareholder liable for the debts of a corporation several elements must be established by the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff must establish that the shareholder disregarded corporate formalities to such an extent that it is equitable to hold the shareholder liable for such debt.

Usually, the Plaintiff must prove the following four elements:

(1) the shareholder exercised domination and control over the corporate entity;
(2) the shareholder used that domination and control to perpetuate a fraud or wrong and
(3) the shareholder's domination and control was the proximate cause of the injury suffered by the claimant
Literal translation: another I

Definition and use: a second identity living within a person.
Source: Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia. website. license
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