Legal definition of capacity
Power Of Attorney Legal Terminology


'Capacity' means ability to comprehend the nature and consequences of the act of executing and granting, revoking, amending or modifying a power of attorney, any provision in a power of attorney, or the authority of any person to act as agent under a power of attorney.
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QNS.comA Jamaica man was arrested and charged with stealing over $100,000 from an elderly friend who, in light of her failing health, named him her power of attorney. Herman Smith, 68, was charged with second-degree larceny, second-degree attempted larceny, ... more »
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The Daily GazetteBut those who have ever had to deal with a relative over the state's complex and often-confusing system for determining power of attorney might not find the issue such a snoozer — especially when banks and other financial institutions refuse to honor ... more »
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