Legal definition of capacity
Power Of Attorney Legal Terminology


'Capacity' means ability to comprehend the nature and consequences of the act of executing and granting, revoking, amending or modifying a power of attorney, any provision in a power of attorney, or the authority of any person to act as agent under a power of attorney.
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Insurance News NetThe form then asks about declaring a living will, another state statute form that Tucker said is a difficult issue for clients to consider. Many ask why they need a living will and the health care power of attorney. "This could be a lot of situations ... more »
Aiken StandardThe attorney in fact does not need to be an attorney at law. ... A living will commonly includes specific directives on which life-sustaining measures can and cannot be used in cases of extreme disability without reasonable expectation of recovery ... more »
Twin Falls Times-News (blog)Power of attorney forms are easy to find, but you must make sure you have a “durable” power of attorney if you want it to last in case you are incapacitated. Normally, a person has to be capable, or at least have a lucid moment for a power of attorney... more »
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