Legal definition of deadly weapon
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deadly weapon

Any weapon which can kill or bring great bodily harm. This includes not only weapons which are intended to do harm like a gun or knife, but also blunt instruments like clubs, baseball bats, wrenches, an automobile or any object which actually causes death. After Oklahoma bombing of 1995 chemical explosives have been recognized as deadly weapon.

Knife or other substance or thing which, in the manner it is used, intended to be used, or threatened to be used, is known to be capable of producing death or serious bodily injury.

See also: assault with dangerous weapon.
State definitions of a deadly weapon very.
NY Penal code defines it as "any loaded weapon from which a shot, readily capable of producing death or other serious physical injury, may be discharged, or a switchblade knife, gravity knife, pilum ballistic
knife, metal knuckle knife, dagger, billy, blackjack, plastic knuckles, or metal knuckles."
NY Penal Law, §10.
Source: NY Penal Code.
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