Legal definition of tenant
Landlord & Tenant Disputes Legal Terminology


a person that is allowed to live in a house or an apartment of another according to the terms of a lease agreement with the landlord.
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Massachusetts Lawyers WeeklyWhere a plaintiff purchaser of a ground-floor commercial condominium unit has moved for a preliminary injunction to prevent the defendant building owner from ... more »
Santa Cruz SentinelAs each successive lawyer told him, the hangar permit did not say the tenant had to follow the rules — only possess a copy of them. “It got to a point where I realized I could either expend all my time fighting this or just sign off and make them ... more »
Bangalore MirrorMembers of Sandeep Vihar RWA, an Army welfare housing organization (AWHO), where a woman tenant was served an eviction notice, said that dogs are not the issue, but it was the owner who had failed to abide by the rules meant for keeping dogs. more »
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