Legal definition of testamentary trust
Living Trusts Legal Terminology

testamentary trust

a trust created after the grantor’s death (by the terms of his will), as opposed to a Living Trust, created during his lifetime.
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Sun SentinelQ: I have been living with my girlfriend in her condo for the past 15 years. She has stated in her living trust and will that I can continue to live in the condo after she dies, and then it would belong to her son. Now she has changed her mind because ... more »
Plattsburgh Press RepublicanTo N. Eric Johanson, trustee of the N. Eric Johanson Living Trust, and John Johanson, from N. Eric Johanson and John Johanson, Jay, $1. To Brian E. Woods from Doris Novak as administratrix of the estate of Anita E. Reichelt, Crown Point, $120,840. more »
Stowe Today362 South Pinnacle Ridge Road, house, 45.02 acres, $2,700,000, Johanna Cicotte of Waterbury to Susan P. Hughes Living Trust of Bow, N.H.; 838 Waterbury-Stowe Road, True Value Hardware Store, 0.87 acres, $1,000,000, John T. Halloran Revocable ... more »
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